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I am a professional software engineer and computer science instructor with four years of experience. Graduated as the best student with First Class Honors (4.53 out of 5) in Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. Previously volunteered as a teaching assistant at Makerere University through former professors. I'm a lecturer at the International Business, Science, and Technology University, where I teach students from various social and cultural backgrounds. Technically, I have designed and built dependable and scalable software systems by leveraging full-stack expertise and experience. Passionate about using technology to solve everyday problems and I've done so by designing and developing software applications, most notably e-docta whih enables patients to seek remote diagnosis and treatment.

Academic Interest

My primary research areas include computational science (biocomputation), artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction. I am ravenously hungry for new knowledge and skills in the specified areas of research so that I can use them to achieve my ultimate goal. My ultimate goal is to become a distinguished computer science professor and researcher. My research will enable me to accomplish my ambition of revolutionizing the health care, education, and e-government systems in home country, Uganda and around the world.


Dallington Asingwire was born in Ryenjoki Village, Kyangyenyi Subcounty, Sheema District, Western Uganda.

Dallington aspired to be a resourceful scientist from a young age, drawing inspiration from the accomplishments of renowned scientists such as Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr, and Galileo Galilei. Even now, he believes that his ambition is still alive because he works in engineering, which was his childhood ambition. His motivation is his desire to influence the community through the development and implementation of innovative technology.

In 2016, several organizations adopted Dallington's first software system for use in their business operations, which boosted his confidence in problem solving and delivering solutions to community issues. I was subsequently motivated to create more software projects, which have since been acquired by hospitals, hotels, and supermarkets, among others. Mark Zuckerberg's 2017 commencement address at Harvard University inspired Dallington to comprehend the need for every human life to have a sense of purpose rather than progress, and as a result, he has the desire, willingness, and zeal to have a positive impact on many human lives in this world.

Soon after completing my internship at Bank of Uganda, I came up with an idea of developing software systems in teams, a concept that has evolved into Code Solutions & PivoSoft Ltd, a software hub that has trained a significant number of young Ugandans in computer programming.

Time is one of the most valuable assets that humans can always use effectively, and Dallington enjoys using his time effectively.

Dallington Asingwire in 2022


Dallington graduated with honors and as the best student in Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering in May 2021 from Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. The Government of Uganda funded his undergraduate education after he emerged as one of the country's top students in the national high school examinations in 2016.

Prior to enrolling in the university, Dallington completed his Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) at St. John's S.S. Nyabwina, where he was also granted a scholarship. He majored in PCM/ICT (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Studies) and obtained 18 out of 20 possible points, with an A in Mathematics, Bs in Physics and Chemistry, and 2 points for the auxiliary disciplines (General paper and computer studies).
Achievement: Emerged as the best student in the school, the entire district, and among the top students in the country.

From 2010 to 2013, Dallington attended Bugarama High School for Ordinary Level Education on a full scholarship, where he earned 14 aggregates out of 8 and was the top student in terms of overall school O-level achievement.

At Rweibaare Primary School, where he spent eight years, Dallington Asingwire began his academic career. He received an overall score of 7 out of 4, with a D1 in mathematics and D2s in science, English, and social studies. He was the best student and received a Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) Certificate.

Awards and Honors
First Class Honors
  • Awarded to students with CGPA above 4.40 out of 5
  • Makerere University 2021
    Best Science Award
  • Awarded to best student in science in the university
  • Makerere University 2021
    Leadership Training Certificate
  • Awarded for having participated in the inaugural leadership seminar
  • Makerere University 2018
    Outstanding service as Minister for Justice affairs
  • Awarded for exceptional leadership as minister in charge of justice and constitutional affairs
  • Makerere University 2017
    The Goverment of Uganda Academic merit
  • Awarded by the Goverment of Uganda for emerging the best student in the dictrict and ranking among top students in the national high school examinations to pursue my undergraduate studies at Makerere University
  • Goverment of Uganda 2016 - 2020
    Best Student Overall Award
  • Awarded for emerging the best student in the Uganda Advanced Certificate of Examinations (UACE) in the entire school
  • St.John's S.S Nyabwina 2016
    Outstanding Student Award
  • Awarded for exemplary behaviour or conduct in the entire school
  • St.John's S.S Nyabwina 2014, 2015
    Best Student Overall Award
  • Awarded for emerging the top student in the Uganda Ordinary Certificate of Examinations (UCE) in the entire school
  • Bugarama High School 2014
    Outstanding Service Award for information prefect
  • Awarded for outstanding leadership as prefect incharge of information
  • Bugarama High School 2011, 2012
    Outstanding Service Award for prefect in charge of Academics
  • Awarded for outstanding leadership as academics prefect
  • Bugarama High School 2012

    Teaching Experience

    International Business, Science And Technology University (ISBAT) | Computer Science Instructor | August 2022 - present

    Makerere University | Teaching Assistant | November 2021 - August 2022

    St. John's S.S Nyabwina | Student Teacher | March 2016 - August 2016

    Sheema Girls School | Student Teacher | March 2016 - August 2016

    Work Experience

    KEIPhone Global | Full-Stack Software Engineer | February 2022 - present

    Africa One | Full-Stack Software Engineer | February 2021 - January 2022

    Pegasus Technologies | Full-Stack Software Engineer | June 2020 - January 2021

    Bank of Uganda | Software Development Engineering Intern | July 2019 - August 2019

    Makerere University | Software Development Engineering Intern | June 2019 - July 2019

    Technical Competence
    Language Framework
    Web Application Development
    Javascript/Typescript React, Next.js, Node.js and Angular.Js
    PHP Laravel, CakePHP
    Mobile Application Development
    Javascript/Typescript React Native
    Android Kotlin
    Microservice/API Application Development
    PHP Laravel
    C# ASP.NET
    Javascript Node.js
    Python Django
    Database Management
    SQL Using Microsoft Server Management Studio (MSMS)
    MySQL Using PhpMyAdmin
    MongoDB Using MongoDB Compass
    PostgreSQL Using PgAdmin
    Cloud Computing / Software Deployment
    Amazon Web Services (AWS) Using EC2, RDS etc.
    SSH access Using Secure Socket Shell
    Tools Using FileZilla
    Git Github
    Software Projects
    Dallington has worked on or created the following software projects/products:
    Project Description
    A secure layer for a desktop weather data repository As security becomes an increasing concern, data in a distributed environment is susceptible to inappropriate manipulation. Due to the significance of weather data, there was a need for mechanisms to protect this information from the time it is collected until it is used for forecasting and prediction. I was able to accomplish this by conducting research, designing, and implementing a secure layer for a desktop repository of weather data.
    ParkPro A mobile app that helps drivers find affordable and nearby parking spots.
    E-docta A telemedicine mobile application that enables patients to seek remote diagnosis and treatment.
    Parkpro Management System Parking management system for a property owner.
    Point of sale Used by shop and supermarket owners to record daily transactions and generate reports. It also features barcode scanning capabilities.
    Office Solution User can use it to record attendance, add departments, record spending, and examine reports.
    Vendor Management System Retailers and wholesalers use this system to manage orders and suppliers.
    Hotel MS This software is used by hotel owners to record and manage rooms, transactions, and to view reports.
    School Management System used by school teachers and administrators to manage records such as registered students, examinations, financial records, among others.
    Online examination system The system allows students to log in and access their online examinations. They are evaluated immediately following exam submission.
    Microfinance Management System The system allows micro finance institutions like Saccos to manage their customers and financial records
    simple unit converter a software that the user can use in performing basic math operations.
    UTLAgent A Telecom (UTL) Agent can use this C# ASP.NET program to register a customer, deposit money on the customer's account, withdraw money from the customer's account, view a list of all registered customers, view the customer's account balance, view a ledger of transactions, check if the customer is registered, and view a list of activity logs done within the system.
    UTLAgent API C# ASP.NET application programming interface (API) that receives requests from the UTLAgent web portal to allow a Telecom(UTL) agent to register a customer whose registration details are sent via email, deposit money on a customer's account, withdraw money from a customer's account, view a list of all registered customers, view a ledger of transactions, check if the customer is registered, and view a list of activity logs done within the system.

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    Strategic Vision

    1. Reading books
    2. Watching Football
    3. Listening to music

    Phone Number +256 700 477421
    Email asingwire50dallington@gmail.com

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